Thunder own the largest private fleet of Agusta (109 & 119KX) helicopters in the UK. Their offering is unrivalled, with access to remote destinations, off adventure safaris around the Scottish Highlands and the fjords of Norway, to iconic sporting events and private-site landings. Thunder can deliver it all. Personalised to you.

Approached to develop the brand identity, our first significant step was to establish Thunder as an experience brand. The tranquility of being up in the clouds. Senses are heightened. Breaking away from the norm, at peace. Every moment and detail exaggerated. Thunder flies harmoniously between the juxtaposed ideologies of human emotion, tranquility and intensity. The tranquility of being up in the clouds. Breaking away from the norm, at peace.

The intensity of a moment. Where anticipation and excitement go hand in hand to evoke emotion that only unique experiences can truly bring out the freedom in us all.

What is the sound of Thunder? Thunder is not visual, it’s the power of sound. We created a visual system that dovetailed between the expression of altering perspectives through sound, and the mechanical forms of the helicopters blades. By establishing these core visual pillars, we could develop a distinctive and brave black and white system, that allowed for iconic photography that fired the imagination.