PiP is an online trading platform for the next generation of young people to come together and beat the market. PiP is a simple bet on the direction of any price movement in the future. Ditch the finance professionals. PiP gives you two choices. Will the price go up or down? PiP right, and you’re in… Read More


CharterSync connects freight forwarders and airlines across the world. Their world-class technology allows the shipper, the carrier, and everyone involved to have a full end-to-end overview of the entire supply chain process. Accelerating the air cargo charter process by offering almost instant quotes from across the global freight market. The task… Read More


Meilleure is an interior design business focused on chic and functional living experiences. Inspired by its French origins, Meilleure, means better. The creative brief was to encapsulate the feeling of better. A visual language that inspired this principle and re-imagined a better space. The Meilleure brand promise is a one-of-a-kind experience built on… Read More


Zenga is an Italian carpentry company. An advocate for traditional techniques and quality materials, crafting high quality handmade products. Proud of their Tuscan roots, Zenga is built on the influences of the region. This is recognised in the meticulous processes, the relentless craft and expressive, warm relationships they build with their… Read More


Nemo is providing a new global generation with access to new wealth creation opportunities. Unlike most traditional investment platforms, it is designed to capture their imagination, simplify their involvement, and build lasting relationships. How? By looking different from other financial apps. By being more visual than verbal. Read More


Named after the coveted high-altitude winds harnessed by skilled balloon pilots to navigate their way up, out and back to their starting point, Boxwind brings the ethereal and ever changing world of digital assets within the reach and control of the individual investor. The world of digital assets is constantly changing. Boxwind… Read More


Money was invented around 5000BC as a convenient way to trade. Acru is a new form of money from the world of trading. Put simply, it’s money on the move. Helping people pay and be paid faster, smoother and more securely. Brand Identity Digital Design User Interface Creative Direction… Read More


RiskWorks is breaking down the myths and barriers associated with investing. Shattering the ideology and belief that high returns and financial independence are reserved only for the elite. Many average investors are skeptical and often fearful of investing for their futures, missing out on significant returns. RiskWorks is a financial… Read More


Let’s be frank. The financial industry has been created to be as opaque as possible, keeping the ordinary person in the economic dark. A common language amongst the financial elite that thrives on fear and encourages confusion to the masses. A world where they ask customers too seize control of their… Read More

Step Up

An event with the purpose of empowering and making a positive statement in the world of finance and economics. The event was designed to engage participation of all skills and ultimately challenge and inspire with a view to a step change in the experiences of those that attend. Identity Creation… Read More